Dispute resolution

  1. Users shall file complaints and requests to Company in written form, sending the said complaints and requests to the legal address of Company (Blaumaņa iela 5a-10, Rīga, LV-1011) in a registered letter or by courier (receiving Company’s signature to confirm receipt of the said documents), or in electronic form (info@monea.me), with a secure E-signature, to Company’s E-mail address.
  2. Complaints and requests related to an unauthorised or mistaken Monea payment shall be submitted to Company as soon as User has learned about the problem, but no later than 13 (thirteen) months after the relevant money has been withdrawn from the card account.
  3. Company shall review received complaints and/or requests and respond to User as quickly as possible, but no later than 15 (fifteen) working days after the receipt of the said complaint or request.  Replies can be sent to User’s Monea profile under “Announcements,” to User’s registered telephone number as an SMS, to User’s E-mail address as an E-mail, signed with a secure E-signature, or to User’s registered telephone number as a popup announcement or dialogue window.  If for reasons that are not dependent on Monea the reply can not be reviewed in this deadline, then within this time limit, Monea informs the applicant of the reasons for the reply delays and indicates the deadline by which the applicant will receive a final reply. The deadline for receiving of a final reply shall not exceed 30 days from receiving complaints.
  4. Complaints and requests shall be reviewed and responses to same shall be offered in a timely way, clearly, understandably, and after the examination of all essential evidence and information.  Where it is not possible for objective reasons to submit the response in accordance with the schedule referred to in Paragraph 3, Company shall inform User about the reasons for the delay and state the planned schedule for review of the said complaints and/or requests.
  5. Any and all disputes related to the use of Monea service that cannot be regulated by mutual negotiations shall be reviewed at plaintiff’s discretion by a court of the Republic of Latvia or an arbitration court from the Finance Latvia Association, doing so in accordance with the statutes and regulations of the said arbitration court.  The laws of the Republic of Latvia shall apply to the agreement between Company and User.
  6. User may also approach the ombudsman of the Finance Latvia Association to protect User’s interests in relation to a dispute that is related to the use of Monea.  User may also file a lawsuit before a court or the arbitration court of the Finance Latvia Association irrespective of whether User has previously filed a complaint with the said ombudsman.
  7. The rights of User as a consumer are protected by the Consumer Rights Defence Centre, Brīvības Street 55, Rīga, LV-1010, Latvia, to which User may apply in relation to complaints about Company’s services.


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