About Promo codes

The "Promo codes" is an opportunity for registered Monea users and their friends to receive guaranteed bonuses from Monea by sharing their unique Promo codes.

How does it work?
If are a registered Monea user already, share your unique Promo code on social networks, via e-mail or text messages. If any of your friends or relatives register as a new Monea user using your shared Promo code, both you and the new user get a bonus from Monea - 2 EUR each.

How do you know that your friend will use your shared Promo code?
You don't! It all relies on you, therefore don't hesitate and help your friends with the registration process!

Is there anything else that you need to know?
Bonus payments will be sent to both users only if the new user has successfully completed the registration process. Besides, the developer of the Monea app (SIA "Monetizator") has rights to stop the Promo codes functionality or could change the Terms and Conditions. An announcement would be issued prior that.

Hurry up and make your payment life so much easier - invite your friends to the Monea world right now!

p.s. Use your bonus to meet up with your friends for a piece of cake or spend it on your favorite candies :)

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